Thursday, February 14, 2008

Speed Racer 3D Game

A 3D game is available for Speed Racer. It has been developed by Blit Interactive for Topps.

You may use this:
Login: gogogo

Or register yourself (and then just click on "DO NOT enter me in the Topps 'Speed Racer' Sweepstakes" to bypass the intrusive registration form).

You may play from here:

Speed Racer Game by Blit Game

If you want to play to Speed Racer game and to drive Mach 5 at full speed click on the picture above or click Here.

Just use the arrow keys, press B to boost your car and Space for jumping.

Beware: if speed is addictive, driving Mach 5 is even more!


cretggfdg said...

there is no mach 5 only mach 6

Arnold said...

speed racer is A really good game ever I just feel like I am driving

Anonymous said...

they changed the game so there is no mach 6 or any speed racer cars left

Anonymous said...

please put again all speed racer cars: mach 6, racer x, snake oiler...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

get the moc 6 back!

Anonymous said...

I want the moc 5 on the new one plese

deeptanu said...

speed racer is an awsome game.