Thursday, December 6, 2007

Speed Racer Official Trailer

The official trailer of Speed Racer, the movie adaptation of the 1960's Japanese animated series by the brothers Wachowsky has been released.

Here the official trailer of Speed Racer:

Fan from the 1960's may disdain the video game aspect of Speed Racer the movie.
But I think newcomers to the world of Speed Racer may enjoy even more their discoveries thanks to those cutting-edge CG effects.

By no doubt it won't be just a family movie like thought before: this film is indeed pioneering a new frontier of cinema mixing - with talent - CG graphics and real actors, it will etch our memories!

Speed Racer definitely looks great! I'm a fan!


Régis Soares - Repórter said...

Too much CGI! Is gona way unreal! It´s going to sucks!

Speed Racer said...

It's maybe because you are attached to much attached to an old-school cinema.
Although I love 'old-school' movies too, I can but welcome the CG trend: it brings some new life to our theaters.
It's art in motion! ;-)

Régis Soares - Repórter said...

I thing would be better go to 3d animation instead of it! I don´t think CGI is bad, no, is awesome! But when we talk in live action, it´s a prerogative that there are a minimun of reality on it.

Speed Racer said...

I wouldn't dare to compare the brother Wachowsky to Picaso, But there could be some similarity.
Reality isn't a graphical matter: it's a question of perception.
And let's not forget that this movie is the adaptation of a Japanese animated series.
The so-called mangas look even more unreal sometimes.
But well, we're talking judging from Speed Racer's trailer, if only we could be invited to a special screening of the movie to discuss further about it! :)

Régis Soares - Repórter said...

I hope to see more about it and I will watch the movie. I just think that the best thing about seeing mangás, comics or just cartoons in the movies is that you will see your child hero like in the real world! That´s amazing! That´s is the magic of the cinema and will not change no matter how much we start to depend of CGI. But I think, when you make a choice to bring a hero to real world and then put this hero in an unreal world you are just wasting time, money and an opportunity to make an old child happy, just for seeing their hero brought to life!

Anonymous said...

Something screams viral marketing.

Chim Chim said...

Despite well known anti-American Susan Sarandon, I will spend 12 bucks to see this chilhood memory.
Looks silly, but a fun kind of silly.
(btw - During Baghdad Susie's scenes, I will go to the bathroom and take a great big dump. It's stench will remind me of the vile filth that comes out of her mouth when she talks against her own country and its troops.)