Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Speed Racer in May 2008

Speed Racer from the Japanese animated series.Speed racer was originally an Japanese animated series in the 1960's. The heroes was of the series was a young race car driver, Speed Racer, attempting to obtain glory, with the help of his family and the Mach 5, the advanced -and kind of geeky- car created by his father.
It becaame a successful franchise in the United States: Speed Racer had a wide success among the American teens at this time.

The Wachowsky brothers have decided to revamp the myth and to adapt to the cinema.
The movie will star Emile Hirrsh as Speed racer.

Let's listen at Emile Hirrsh talking about his role in Speed racer the movie:

And here below an interview of Christina Ricci who will play trixie, Speed Racer's girlfriend:

Looks like a good family movie is in store.